Low Country Party

WELCOME TO THE LOW COUNTRY! Your guests enjoy an evening of fun, eating, dancing and savoring their favorite beverages – all while taking in the sights and sounds that are indigenous to the “Low Country”.

This is the ideal signature party for your visit to the Southeast Coast. The coastal Carolinas and Georgia are highlighted with decor ranging from a fully dimensional shrimp boat to large bait shack service bars.  Docks and pilings accented with netting and oyster shells make for a great buffet service and capture the essence of coastal living.


“The décor you provided for our final night Awards Banquet was beautiful. The room was worthy of the efforts our guests made to earn their awards that evening, and it increased their enjoyment of the celebration. We received accolades from our client.”

“Your expertise, attention to detail, and flexibility were greatly appreciated. I look forward to the next opportunity to use the services of Monte Carlo Productions.”

Eden Silver
Travel Program Manager
Dittman Incentive Marketing